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authentic ffss nylons point heel - 60 gauge

authentic ffss nylons cuban heel - 60 gauge

authentic ffss nylons havana heel - 60 gauge

original rh&t nylons (seamless) - 60 gauge

authentic voile nylons (seamless) - 54 gauge

Authentic transparant Voile Nylon stockings (seamless)

Original Nylon stockings as in the '60s. 54 Gauge Nylons!
Transparent stockings - can be worn only with a suspender (garter) belt.
With satin finish and transparent tailored toe for better durability.
Very suitable for open shoes.
Product (15 denier) made of 100% Nylon. 421 needles machinery.
Our genuine Voile Nylons are made on an authentic 'Merz' knitting machine.
Subtle seduction - a fine stocking with an elegant finishing.
No stretch and no Lycra. Original Voile Nylons from Branches Online... making your dreams come true.

Bronze Grey

Authentic transparant Voile Nylon stockings (seamless).

Price: € 9,90 € 7,90

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We deliver our sheer, original Voile Nylon stockings (seamless) in the sizes below, please click on: DEFINITION OF SIZES.

DEFINITION OF SIZES - International definition of sizes

Small S Your Height: 5' 2"   to 5' 5"   = 158 to 165 cm. Please click on the above pop-up.
Medium M Your Height: 5' 5"   to 5' 7"   = 165 to 170 cm. Please click on the above pop-up.
Large L Your Height: 5' 7"   to 5' 10" = 170 to 175 cm. Please click on the above pop-up.
X-Large XL Your Height: 5' 10" to 6' 2"   = 175 to 183 cm. Please click on the above pop-up.

Our tip! Wear our genuine Voile Nylons, with our nostalgic reproduction suspender (garter) belt, for superior fit and comfort.

We suggest that you order TWO pairs at once, in that when you inevitably lose one Nylon stocking, you can simply open the second pair and not waste your one good Nylon stocking! Two pairs actually equals three pairs, if you think about it!

Available in black, bronze and grey.

Bronze & Reproduction suspender (garter) belt Grey & Reproduction suspender (garter) belt

A special erotic feast for the eyes are authentic Voile Nylon stockings from Branches Online, the so called suspender (garter belt) stocking.

Suspendered stockings - suspenders/garters - delicate lingerie - that's pure erotic!

We have an impressive reputation as a traditional hosiery manufacturer and supplier. Branches Online owns some of the few remaining operational knitting machines. Everything is made of high-quality Nylon (Polyamide) and by using this technique we are able to shape the hosiery to fit your leg perfectly. We offer the highest quality Nylon (Polyamide) and we don't use Lycra. No Lycra is no stretch. Our stockings are wonderfully silky, have a distinctive look and allow women to reach new heights of glamour and femininity. You can trust todays Branches Online's products to carry on our long tradition of quality, style and old fashioned good value. Whilst original authentic Voile Nylons will never beat the classic elegance of Fully Fashioned (and our RH&T) Nylons, being seamless will provide an alternative choice for day wear and for any occasion for those who feel more comfortable with a plain original Nylon stocking.


Please do not compare Voile Nylons, with our authentic FFSS (fully-fashioned with seam) and RH&T (reinforced heel and toe) Nylons. Voile Nylons are an affordable alternative, but doesn't have the sheen and sheerness as our original FFSS and RH&T Nylons.

Furthermore, from 100% production FFSS and RH&T stockings, approximately 70% only are good, because of the complicated manufacturing process. Therefore, FFSS and RH&T nylon stockings are quite expensive.

Wonderful 15 denier original Voile Nylon stockings! No stretch and no Lycra. Original Voile Nylons from Branches Online... making your dreams come true.
Wonderful 15 denier original Voile Nylon stockings (seamless) made of 100% Nylon, combine these stockings with Branches Online’s handcrafted suspender (garter) belts, girdles, gainette or corselet. These luxury stockings will get pulses racing making your legs the ultimate in vintage chic. Wear these stockings with your favourite open toe sandals; the sheer to toe leg has a soft gloss look and a simple retro top band. Ultra transparent and elegant which mould comfortably to the shape of your leg. An affordable original transparent stocking... and a very interesting price.
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Authentic Voile Nylons (seamless) - 54 Gauge

€ 9,90 € 7,90


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