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authentic ffss nylons point heel - 60 gauge

authentic ffss nylons cuban heel - 60 gauge

authentic ffss nylons havana heel - 60 gauge

original rh&t nylons (seamless) - 60 gauge

authentic voile nylons (seamless) - 54 gauge

Genuine and original 1960s RH&T Nylon stockings (seamless)

Manufactured from the same yarn as our FFSS Nylons with seam.
Seamless and authentic RH&T (Reinforced Heel and Toe).
Original 60 Gauge Nylons!
Double welt for comfort.
Reciprocated heel reinforcement and reinforced toe - Genuine 1960s style.
Shaped to fit thigh and calf for consistent colour.
Wonderful silky, our Nylons are from 15 denier and 100% pure Nylon.
No stretch and no Lycra.
Photo Gallery - RH&T Nylons (seamless)

Black Espresso Copper Beige Grey

Available in: black, natural, bronze, copper, grey, beige and espresso.


Price: € 19,90

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We deliver our genuine and original RH&T Nylon stockings in the sizes below, please click above on: DEFINITION OF OUR SIZES.

Small S Your Height: 5' 1" to 5' 4"   = 155 to 162 cm. NOTE!
We suggest that you order TWO pairs at once, in that when you inevitably lose one Nylon stocking, you can simply open the second pair and not waste your one good Nylon stocking! Two pairs actually equals three pairs, if you think about it!
Medium M Your Height: 5' 4" to 5' 8"   = 163 to 172 cm.
Large L Your Height: 5' 8" to 5' 11" = 173 to 181 cm.
Extra Large XL Your Height: 6' 0" to 6' 3"   = 182 to 190 cm.
Our RH&T Nylon stockings are relatively expensive to make and to sell; but the very best is never cheap. They should be washed by hand in warm soapy water and positioned without creases whilst drying. To preserve our beautiful authentic RH&T Nylon stockings in pristine condition, they should be put on with cotton gloves or recommended with our Silky - Satin Hosiery Gloves if possible.

RH&T Nylons
Image: copper.

RH&T Nylons
Image: espresso.

RH&T Nylons
Image: grey.


Suspender Belt (Garter Belt)
If you're going to wear real Nylon stockings, you need real underwear!
Enchanting lace design on the wide front panel. Of course with six adjustable metal suspender clasps. SIX straps, these give that added support to the Nylon stockings. Enabling you to wear them with confidence all day long. A reproduction of the 1950s ...
... never be caught without them!!!

Branches Online's Nylons are probably the best you can buy World Wide
We sell the same Nylon stockings (as in the '40s '50s and '60s) on R100 knitting machines, which are maintained and controlled by experienced knitting Directors who between them have 75 years experience in the trade, hence this is why we sell such a good quality garment. In France and the USA they have also the same knitting machines, but the texture of their stockings is not quite so smooth, ours have a sheen which we are please to say has become one of the main reasons that we are probably the leaders worlds wide for this type of stocking.


Branches Online's Nylons are manufactured today on authentic 1950s machinery, reconditioned to the original standard.

Every one who can remember them knows that 1950s and '60s Nylon stockings had that unmistakable something that made them exquisitely sensual to wear, to see and to touch. And the Nylon stockings you can buy in the shops today (even the best and most expensive) are nothing like them.

Our RH&T Nylons have the same sheen and silky feel as our Fully Fashioned (FFSS) nylon stockings.

Real RH&T Nylons! Real Fully-Fashioned and RH&T Nylon stockings from Branches Online are unmistakable in look and feel. They set a standard in stocking glamour that has never been equalled!

The high luxurious RH&T stockings from Branches Online, guarantee the most fine stockings world-wide. The delicacy of these 100% Nylon stockings is of an incredible softness and will match particularly to your beauty. Shiny, ultra sheer and transparent.

Besides being very sheer and thereby very transparent, this stocking style is special, because of the way the heel and toe is made. The heel and toe are the areas that are strengthened with yarns of heavier denier to prevent runs, as in the 1960s.

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Authentic Voile Nylons (seamless) - 54 Gauge

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